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Sumerian Space Station

May 25, 2009

If i were rich i would buy every Cheap Monday wknd article of clothing with the crazy nebulas/buildings/plants/whatever print.
Look at this girl, brilliant outfit:


Song of the Week Nummer Zwei!

May 22, 2009


This week for our Song of the Week is none other than Albi The Racist Dragon by Flight of the Concords.
I didn’t get to search for the perfect song like i wanted to, so this was a last minute “Uh, sure” kind of decision. Nonetheless, the song is quite ill, quite ill.


-posted by not me, due to current restrictions

A Lovely Tradition

May 7, 2009

Song Of The Week (A holistic and universal tradition which I will adapt!)
This is the only time I will be posting this not on a Thursday. From here on it will posted on that day in honor of my sister and her belief in Thursday being the true start of the week. (Thas righhht.) And the song issssssssss:

 →Fonda 500- Music should Always Be Played By the Hands Of The Animals←
Here is the link to it because I couldn’t find a site with a code to embed it: