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Square Cut, Pear Shaped

July 31, 2009

!Song Of The Week!

Marina and The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot
Listen to her other songs though! They are so good! They all deserve to be the song of the week.
The playlist will open in a little pop-up window.

Marina Diamond also happens to have a sick fashion sense:


Eco Fresh and Eco Fancy

July 30, 2009

Everyone loves a good recycler, and everyone loves a good item of clothing or accessory made from recycled materials.
But what everyone really loves is a combination of that and a nice do-able price.
You know those jersey necklaces from Urban Outfitters made from old t-shirts?

Awesome; they look fierce as shit.
However, as they are priced around $40, it’s a little fierce on your wallet (or the money pocket in your golden belt pouch.)
Sooooooooooo guess what I found?? Well, i was hittin’ up good old Etsy, and this fantastic shop arose from the plethora of cute kitsch closets native to the site.

This one is my favorite.
It doesn’t have as many jersey chains attached, but is conveniently priced at $12.

The sweet red tassle necklace is $20.

I especially like this from her decription- “This necklace feels like a dream. As if silky soft bunnies decided to take a small nap on the back of your neck. how nice.”

=] There is good in the world.

Badass + Lux =

July 23, 2009


Super Slick Salmon Pink

July 23, 2009

Remember that lipstick scarf from H&M?
It is totally still glamorous; you can still wear it.

I know, this is old news.

Tiny Pillows of the Face

July 16, 2009

“Often the term implies that the wearer grows only upper-lip hair while shaving the hair on his chin and cheeks. Growth of all facial hair would constitute a beard.”

Sifted From The Vault-Volume 2

July 10, 2009

More songs pulled from the closet that is bands i’ve myspace-friended over the years.

5.Dishy by Candypants

6.Nightless Night Radio Edit by Husky Rescue

7.Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear

8.Who’s Asking by Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

9.In My Dreams by Counterpoise

10.Almost Holding Hands by Tori Randall

11. Where Planets Die and Stars Collide by The Twilight Showdown

Common Contortionism

July 8, 2009

“Life is beautiful. Really, it is. Full of beauty and illusions. Life is great. Without it, you’d be dead.”

Sifted From The Vault-Volume 1

July 4, 2009

Having recently been re-acquainted with Myspace I realised that I had been adding random bands as friends over a few years and forgotton all about them. This is a list of songs i picked out from some of them. It was really fun, like a treasure hunt.

1.Silenzio Violento by Morricone Youth

2.I’m a Donkey For Your Love by BOAT

3.Our Days In Kansas by Tullycraft

4.La vie cajiiiin by feloche

4.Cream of Wheat by Wordburglar


Volume 2 to come.