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Traditional Yardsale Scaling

August 29, 2009

My sister happened to be here on a Saturday morning, which allowed us to be together to perform our once ritual yardsale hunting. We only had a little time, but we found some sweet shit. She got a nice red fanny pack and some wrapping paper that looks like an antique map.
These are a few of the tons of vintage stationary/greeting cards we split, that were 25 cents for a bunch.

My favorite were the fold-able ones with the opossum and mouse.

And I found a nice old Espirit laptop bag for $3.

This was afterwards:

Shoes are from The Rugged Warehouse for 10
Dress is Forever 21 for 7
Shirt is from Goodwill for 3.50
Bag is Goodwill for 2
Bandana and necklace are old.


Faded Feathers

August 23, 2009
Flight of The Acid Wash
Flight of The Acid Wash by WelcomeToTheMoon

And a Song Of The Week, even though a week has not passed. I just really like this song.

Caterpillar Playground by Nurses


August 22, 2009

Sorta Sober, But My Grudge Is Over

August 21, 2009

Song of The Week

Supreme Being byPrussia

Small Time Decor

August 19, 2009

Little spaces in my room with little things.