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Birds of a feather.

November 25, 2009

Oh, you know, just getting together some clothing to take to Pennsylvania over Thanksgiving break. Decided I would humor myself by packing outfits that will make my strange dysfunctional family up there question my own normality. Now matter how much Grammy looks at me with her head tilted and a facial expression that reads something like “what is going on in melissa’s head?” I know in my heart that THEY are the totally odd ones.
I know this.

bird wrap skirt worn as shawl- Goodwill, $3.50
babydoll sweater- Goodwill, $3.50
skirt- hand me down
leggings- Ross, $7
shoes- Goodwill, $5


Almost a month later.

November 17, 2009

The holiday best spent alone in your own home- as shown in the following pictures.

leggings- h&m, $10
top-goodwill, $3.50
shiny cocoon coat- goodwill, $3.50
shoes- Kmart at the beach, $8
headband- forever21, $4

Wu tang, self consciousness, etc.

November 12, 2009

I KNOW, taking pictures in the bathroom at school is soooooooo classy.
Well let me tell you what is embarrassing- someone walking into the previously vacant restroom to see you standing there like a deer in headlights, while you are still holding up your camera at your reflection.
I really don’t like people being around when I’m doing anything remotely vain. (make up application, checking myself in a mirror, scoping my own pictures on the computer, etc.) Because of this, I have formed very furtive methods of doing all these things. For example, I really want to look at myself in a mirror for beauty check reasons, but I don’t want everyone to see me gawking at my reflection for a million years. So, I just pretend like I’m checking my nose for lurking snots! I know, I know, it’s ingenious. In order to cover up a fairly unpretentious super-common girl habit, I use an act much more strange and uncomfortable relating to the obnoxious checking of mucus. However, it quells my nervous brain.
As for being noticed when putting on make-up, my method is slightly less clever. I just stick my head in my purse as if looking for something  and, quickly as possible, slap powder on my shiny face. It’s a little more difficult then the snot check thing, because in order to remain unsuspicious I have to continuously move shit around inside my bag as if i’m still searching for some object. I found this out because not moving, but having your face completely immersed into your bag for longer then 15 seconds, stirs curiosity among peers. It is a strange sight, as I have demonstrated in this detailed Microsoft Paint illustration-

(by the wayyyyyyyyy
shirt- the rugged warehouse, $4
cardigan- steve&barry’s, $7
glasses- urban outfitters, $5
bathroom access- FREE. THIS AIN’T MEXICO.)

Playing with Polymer

November 9, 2009

I had these earrings once that I got from the hippie store in the mall (you know, robust patchoulli scent, the caveman cashier looks like be can rip up some bongos, the Bob Marley belt buckles are under a glass case, etc.) but they were carved from wood and one broke. I was eternally sad. Until one day at the craft store I was looking at the huge plethora of Sculpey colors, and thought, “Shit son! I can make those earrings myself!” (I may or may not have said this out loud.) So here is my sad attempt-

I was strangely attracted to this color. it’s called pale pistachio.

(dress- Old Navy $10
bird necklace- Forever 21 $6
geode necklace- antique store $8)

Smiley face have a nice day t-shirt

November 7, 2009

Listening to The Cool Kids made me want to wear this shirt.
Smiley face, have a nice day t-shirt, Mikey says You should wear it at our next concert. Cool Kids In the sand box, you can’t play, It’s A B C not Ay baybay.

Shirt- Goodwill, $3.50
Plaid shirt- Ross, $7
Pants- Target, $13
Shoes- Goodwill, $2
Purse- Gift, free!

When you can hear his accent in the singing

November 6, 2009

(and holy shit it’s actually posted on Thursday!)

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Thunder and Lightning

Airplane Ship

November 6, 2009

Oh I can’t lie, I feel like a stewardess when i wear this dress. This was a while ago, I just procrastinate.

Dress- Goodwill,$4
Shoes- Goodwill,$2
Jacket- Goodwill,$4