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you gotta wanna be the drummer in the band

December 29, 2009


Wrecking Ball by Mother Mother


(PS- everything from them is great.)



December 29, 2009

Duetschland 1976, 1979

December 22, 2009

My mom at age 11 and her mom, on a sunday, after someone who came to visit had just left. My mom’s dad took the picture. 1976 Coburg, Germany

My mom, at 14, in front of her brother’s (Rainer) room door. She told me that he had the record player in his room so she would go in there to listen to records. I asked her what records she listened to then and she told me, “Well usually i listened to whatever was in the top ten. I didn’t buy the records; my brother did. He listened to disco- ELO and Diana Ross. ELO was probably my favorite.”
Also, look how sweet her outfit is. The shoes had a zipper around the side.

Here is a picture of My mom’s hometown, Coburg, on the year she was born, 1965.

Talking about the yellow tint in the photo- “It’s funny, back then that’s really what it looked like to me.”



Variations on leopard

December 22, 2009

In my head, I call this my Flinstone’s dress. Everything i’m wearing was thrifted from Goodwill except the over-the-knee snakeskin boots (which are from Gabriel Brother’s store) and the pink shirt and blue brocade jacket were both bought at Old Navy long long ago. I kind of resurrected them. The flowers are H&M.
Also i was looking through this month’s Elle (again) and felt a need to share because I LOVVAAA  zuh clothessss. Yes I could have scanned the spread, or even just found it on the interwebs, but i felt like this is more organic. or bad quality. or..whatever. I just took photos of the photos.

These two are my absolute favorrrrrite.





December 21, 2009

Alabama Chanin.
Excessive nude colors get me me evvveerryyy time.
I’m only putting the looks that i really really liked, which of course turned out to be the ones that seem the most influenced by Edwadian-type elegance and the 30’s/20’s.  Honestly, some of the looks from her spring 2010 rtw collection looked like something from a 2002 Gap catalog….sorry Mrs chanin. it’s true.

Stanley Matthews

December 19, 2009

I got a whole bunch of discarded library books at school like a year ago and barely looked at them since, until the other day when i went through and saw how freaking sweet the photos were! Soooo I spent a few hours cutting them out and making little scenes. So fun. I put them in my nice little taxidermy journal.

I usually only have photo cut-outs from magazines like Elle and Nylon,which are great for fashion-y collages, but old national geographics and old books totally top Teen Vogue for awesome collage material.

Hard History

December 16, 2009

Beautiful belles surviving evil.



December 15, 2009

As you can see, make up particles stuck in my eyeball caused contortion to my my close up.

I got these tights in 7th or 8th grade because I was all about those faeries from photos with striped tights and long pointy feet and all that. Wonderful times.
So I looked at them this morning, and felt a little spark deep inside my heart/brain, and it told me “Wear the tights! Dear God you’ve kept them so long, just wear themmmmmm!”
So I did! Jewel was so right about following your intuition.

Dress- BB Dakota( from the Rugged Warehouse), $15
Coat- Ross, $7
Hairbow- Forever 21, $6
Gray Long Sleeved Shirt- Target, $3
Tights- Online (Ebay?), $10?
Shoes- Goodwill, $2
Bumblebee pin- My Mom’s