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January 31, 2010

Shirt- Say What via Ross, $7
Dress- Dots. via Ross, $9
Belt- Goodwill, $1
Shoes- Goodwill, $1


You know all the numbers and words, but you’ll never guess the combination

January 22, 2010

Song Of The Week

Magic by Only Son


I first heard of this guy when he opened for Regina Spektor a few years ago. My sister and I went to see her at Toad’s Place, and after seeing him open, we bought the cd from his tiny section of the merch table.
He is really excellent! I’m glad he is getting more recognition now. He totally deserves it.


NO! I’m Happy!

January 9, 2010



latin phrases

January 8, 2010

astronaut practice (and the way a japanese girl would have felt reading the screen in the room with no heat and no air conditioning, but a boy and that was not enough.)

magic until you know how it works

January 5, 2010

Smallville is even worse on New Year’s.

January 4, 2010

Instead of taking a picture of my outfit and my new items, I’m just finding pictures on the interwebs of the things and putting them on here.
First of all, I’m finally wearing Josh’s sweater that he left here a bajillion years ago. It’s a nice green vintage Dior cardigan. I found this photo of a sweater that is almost identical except the Dior logo on Josh’s is white.

It’s reeeeeal nice for the whole “boyfriend sweater” bajengles.

I just bought this necklace at the Rugged Warehouse for $3. It’s originally from Urban Outfitters. I was so lazy that I just scanned it. It’s actually this reflective gold lucite, but showed up black in the scanner.

And a white Old Navy shirt with grey stripes. I just got is for $2.50. It’s sleeves are cuffed at the elbows and there is a nice little breast pocket. I couldn’t find a good picture on the world wide webbity web.
And my black  jeans which are like leggings and have a zipper on the bottom outside seam.
And my favorite shoes! whish i will photograph at a later date. but picture these in forest green:


Zat is all.