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Taking risks with a pessimist

April 2, 2010

Song Of Week

   Wet and Rusting by Menomena

 Listen here

PS. WordPress is probably the worst blog site ever. There are always like a bajillion things wrong with it. For instance, recently it will never let me center align everything. It looks so bad with out being center aligned! I am upset!
that is all.


our blood is rainbows

March 26, 2010

Song Of The Week

Ride Friendship by The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!

I wanted to describe The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt as being one of the most fun bands I’ve ever listened to, but that doesn’t seem to be the best word. Really, they just took the exact bursts of energy/emotion spasms that come from random things like just realising you love the shit out of all your friends, or a snow day that you spend running around like a kid, or seeing your ex and wanting to say silly things, and they put it into crazy dance-type music.
And it all happens to be insanely uplifting! eg. the album title:
 I love you. I love you. I love you and I’m in love with you. Have an awesome day! Have the best day of your life! 
(the link is to the album at

You know all the numbers and words, but you’ll never guess the combination

January 22, 2010

Song Of The Week

Magic by Only Son


I first heard of this guy when he opened for Regina Spektor a few years ago. My sister and I went to see her at Toad’s Place, and after seeing him open, we bought the cd from his tiny section of the merch table.
He is really excellent! I’m glad he is getting more recognition now. He totally deserves it.


you gotta wanna be the drummer in the band

December 29, 2009


Wrecking Ball by Mother Mother


(PS- everything from them is great.)

When you can hear his accent in the singing

November 6, 2009

(and holy shit it’s actually posted on Thursday!)

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Thunder and Lightning


October 6, 2009

Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
They are so good. check them out right now for your own good.


Open Holes

September 16, 2009

Little Toy Gun by HoneyHoney
The link in the song title is a pop-out player with several of their songs, including Little Toy Gun.

 Eyelet of the Beholder
Eyelet of the Beholder by WelcomeToTheMoon featuring Ultimo

Sorta Sober, But My Grudge Is Over

August 21, 2009

Song of The Week

Supreme Being byPrussia

Square Cut, Pear Shaped

July 31, 2009

!Song Of The Week!

Marina and The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot
Listen to her other songs though! They are so good! They all deserve to be the song of the week.
The playlist will open in a little pop-up window.

Marina Diamond also happens to have a sick fashion sense:

Sifted From The Vault-Volume 2

July 10, 2009

More songs pulled from the closet that is bands i’ve myspace-friended over the years.

5.Dishy by Candypants

6.Nightless Night Radio Edit by Husky Rescue

7.Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear

8.Who’s Asking by Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

9.In My Dreams by Counterpoise

10.Almost Holding Hands by Tori Randall

11. Where Planets Die and Stars Collide by The Twilight Showdown