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depending on the street

March 27, 2010

Cardigan: Steve & Barry’s, $5
Shirt: H&M, $6
Pants: The Rugged Wearhouse, $6
Necklace: Urban Outfitters via Gabriel Brothers, $3
New Shoes!!: Reebok via TJMaxx, $5


look at this pea coat, tell me i’m broke

February 9, 2010

I actually got out of my house finally! I mean not just over to the neighbors, but away in a car on a trip to Goodwill!
Zese ah zee sings I got at zee Goodvill store.

First up: 80’s kangaroo print skirt (worn as a kinda skanky dress) Now tell me this doesn’t remind you of the fantastic tropical bird print from the most recent Marc Jacobs resort collection.

I acquired the belt and jacket on this trip, as well. The jacket is from Gap. It’s raincoat material, and the inside is lined with some nice thermal material. Twas $3.50, as was the kangaroo skirt. The belt was $1.

Next: The most excellent sweater for $3.50. Josh was actually the one who found it, so I have to give him credit. He was like “Hey look at this most excellent sweater.” and I said SCOOP and I scooped it out of his hands.

I got those pants at a Salvation Army in Pennsylvania for $1.

And Last: Nice and simple pea coat. The buttons have some cute little anchors etched in. The tag and material made the coat appear to be vintage, but I wasn’t sure. I initially bought this to sell on my Etsy, but I do not want to sell something unless I am sure it is true vintage. It was $4, I think.

That is all.

Eco Fresh and Eco Fancy

July 30, 2009

Everyone loves a good recycler, and everyone loves a good item of clothing or accessory made from recycled materials.
But what everyone really loves is a combination of that and a nice do-able price.
You know those jersey necklaces from Urban Outfitters made from old t-shirts?

Awesome; they look fierce as shit.
However, as they are priced around $40, it’s a little fierce on your wallet (or the money pocket in your golden belt pouch.)
Sooooooooooo guess what I found?? Well, i was hittin’ up good old Etsy, and this fantastic shop arose from the plethora of cute kitsch closets native to the site.

This one is my favorite.
It doesn’t have as many jersey chains attached, but is conveniently priced at $12.

The sweet red tassle necklace is $20.

I especially like this from her decription- “This necklace feels like a dream. As if silky soft bunnies decided to take a small nap on the back of your neck. how nice.”

=] There is good in the world.