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September 19, 2009

shirt: steve&barry’s, &7
pants: rugged warehouse- delia’s, $5?
shoes: tjmaxx-steve madden, $30(!)
bowtie: yardsale,$1
earrings: forever 21?, $3?

these bones put me in that mood of dress.



September 18, 2009

I found Fredde’s old hulk shirt that he left here. =D

jacket: ross, $7
shirt: walmart, $5?
tights: kohl’s, $1
shoes: h&m, $10?
bag: h&m, $5
pin: goodwill, $.50
glasses: prop from when Fredde was in Little Shop of Horrors.

zwölf durch zwölf

September 17, 2009

everyone loves forever 21. in my opinion twelve by twelve is the treasure chest within the hoard. these are my favorites.

And of course the forever 21 jewelry is always really nice.  more favorites:

Open Holes

September 16, 2009

Little Toy Gun by HoneyHoney
The link in the song title is a pop-out player with several of their songs, including Little Toy Gun.

 Eyelet of the Beholder
Eyelet of the Beholder by WelcomeToTheMoon featuring Ultimo

Little Plants and Little Boys

September 9, 2009

Two things I have recently understood the awesomeness of:

1. Planters. namely cute ones shaped like an animal.

This one my mamabear found at the good old GWblue for 65 cents and gave it to my sister because her favorite animal is an elephant.

This is another, found by me mother at Ross for 3 dolla, that she so kindly has given to me due to her knowledge of my micro-obsession. I just stuck in a little baby chunk spawned from another plant that is really resilient. I think it’s called a Spider Plant.


2.Fashionista boys-UNDER THE AGE OF 13. where did you come from? what is your home life like? Is your mom Betsey Johnson? Is your dad Marc Jacobs? did you have one of those cool uncles? and did he record his own music and/or take you under his wing? Y’all is crazy.

From This guy is Max, age 12. he says
“I like these clothes because they are different and extraordinary. I don’t like to wear same kind of clothes as everyone else. I like black and red clothes and punk style.
I don’t have any style role models. HEL LOOKS website inspires me. I would like to be a professional slalom skier like Kalle Palander.”

Also from . This is Reko,11, and Jere,12.
Reko: “I bought this scarf last year. I like it because it’s stylish. My jeans are Acne but Levi’s and Lee are ok, too. I don’t like bright colours. Next I would like to buy a white or grey WESC hoodie.”
Jere: “I’m wearing jeans by Lee. The shoes gotta be Vans or Lacoste – other brands are ugly. I would never wear rubber boots. We listen to r’n’b and rap. Uniq and Elastinen are the best.”



The world is awesome!

Favorite Looks

September 3, 2009

from’s Jane:


Song of the Week:
Wavin’ Flag by K’naan
the link in the title is a pop-out player.