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and we can dance and dance and dance and dance and dance

February 12, 2010

Highschool time! Promidy prom prom is around the extracurricular corner. Entertainment in the highest form, especially for a school with a student populus not really coming close to 1,000. =D
I will make the most of it, it is my high school/teen experience, I will wish I’d gone years from now if I don’t go, these things and so forth and so on…
Whooooooooo gives a shittttt. about anything other than… ZUH CLOTHESSSS!
I’ve changed my mind about what I’m going to wear about a billion times. The theme is Masquerade (which is pretty much on a rotating cycle of being the theme every three years or so, because no other ones are fun.)
All the dress/outfit ideas I went through are all based on that I am going to buy a vintage or used dress no matter what. Prom dresses at stores like JC Penney, Belk, Deb, and bridal-type shops, cost hundreds of dollars and they are just usually not very creative or interesting. There might be a select few that look good and interesting, but I can get an amazing vintage dress for the same amount that has a story and is totally unique. Also, it is like recycling to buy a used/vintage dress.
I searched high and low (and I still am) for a perfect 50’s prom dress. Full skirt, tulle, crinoline, pastel colors, awesome neckline. All those things that make an ideal dress of these sorts. However, it seems that every lovely maiden of the 1950’s was only capable of keeping a tiny wasp waist as the norm. I found really nice one by Emma Domb, on Ebay, with my waist measurements. I put a bid on it but lost the bid by $1.01.

As far as the mask, I was just going to buy some kind of feather mask from one of those really cheap costume sites. They have giant extravagant masks for really low prices. Like this one for 3.50 at

or this one for $5.89 at

But Then I saw those lace bunny ears with a lace veil by Maison Michel. And then I found several people who got the same idea to just make ones like that via DIY. Such as this lovely lady at

of that idea, anyway.

So I started thinking about appliques and making a veiled headpiece to match. I saw this furniture fabric with chairs all over and I was like “YES THAT IS IT! I will cut out the furniture shapes and sew them to a nicely designed used dress, and then buy dollhouse furniture from the craft store to make a headpiece!”

This still is very alluring, but I contacted the lady selling the fabric to see what the size of the chair images are, and at about 3.5″ for the largest one, they were a little smaller than I expected.

So, I drew a (disproportional) wolf silhouette on cardstock and cut it out to use as a pattern for making (disproportional) wolf-shaped appliques.  Here is a high-resolution image that I was able to take directly from my phone, thanks to years of technology growth.

I haven’t gotten farther than that…
But I know what I want for the mask to match the latter mentioned idea! Remember this from a few Teen Vogues ago?

That little mask, which is actually a hairpiece, is amazinggggggggggg.
amazingly expensive, that is.
So I thought I could buy a little child’s wolf/fox mask and just cover it in rhinestones.


So we will see! I really don’t totally know what I’m going to do yet. It pretty much depends on if I find a dress and what the dress looks like.
So it goes on….


Metal Scales

February 11, 2010

This is a belt, but the clasp is broken. I got it at Goodwill the other day (trip mentioned in zuh previous post.)
But it makes an excellent bracelet! It looks a little lethal. But it’s not as over-used as spikes.

look at this pea coat, tell me i’m broke

February 9, 2010

I actually got out of my house finally! I mean not just over to the neighbors, but away in a car on a trip to Goodwill!
Zese ah zee sings I got at zee Goodvill store.

First up: 80’s kangaroo print skirt (worn as a kinda skanky dress) Now tell me this doesn’t remind you of the fantastic tropical bird print from the most recent Marc Jacobs resort collection.

I acquired the belt and jacket on this trip, as well. The jacket is from Gap. It’s raincoat material, and the inside is lined with some nice thermal material. Twas $3.50, as was the kangaroo skirt. The belt was $1.

Next: The most excellent sweater for $3.50. Josh was actually the one who found it, so I have to give him credit. He was like “Hey look at this most excellent sweater.” and I said SCOOP and I scooped it out of his hands.

I got those pants at a Salvation Army in Pennsylvania for $1.

And Last: Nice and simple pea coat. The buttons have some cute little anchors etched in. The tag and material made the coat appear to be vintage, but I wasn’t sure. I initially bought this to sell on my Etsy, but I do not want to sell something unless I am sure it is true vintage. It was $4, I think.

That is all.

ba ba ba baboushka

February 9, 2010

I’ve been quartered away in my house due to the snow for far too long.
On Saturday our neighbor Heidi invited us over for some coffee and cake and to watch a pay-per-view movie. I was so excited to have an excuse to get dressed and take a shower!
It is soooooo cold outside. I didn’t wear any tights. bad choice. Good thing her house is approximately twenty meters from ours.

Faux fur coat- Paris Blues via Ross, $6
Vintage Scarf- Antique Mall, $6
Vintage Skirt- Goodwill, $3.50
Sunglasses- The Rugged Warehouse(?), $3
Moonboots- Tecnica via Gabriel Brothers, $20

Uzburta vieta

February 5, 2010

Realities to chose

February 5, 2010

Cut your hair like Joan of Arc.

February 2, 2010